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Note – We do Offer Support Contracts for POS – Ask for details on these, and how we can support your business


TERMS of SERVICE and SUPPORT - from Kiwi Eftpos Ltd.
We are a business that is dedicated to “Supporting what we Sell”, - Our Motto is “It’s all about Service” –  This Document is designed to clearly explain and clarify - What, When and How we “Service and Support” and what is “Free & Included”, and what is Chargeable for what we…Sell & Lease in Eftpos, Cash Reg, POS and Accessories. 

Service and Support – Remote & Phone Support -  
We get many “Phone Calls for Assistance” with clients with Eftpos Terminals, as well as Cash Registers and other Point of Sale equipment that we sell and support.  During Normal business Hours, if these are a quick Phone Call for “Up to 10 minutes or less - These are FREE. - If however it is a call of longer duration and is for an Issue that is Not Covered by our “Full Serviced Eftpos Lease Terms” or a “Service Contract for P.O.S. Support ” then this time will be chargeable.  Or if the same issues keep repeating at a site with repeated “Operator Errors”, then these would become chargeable. 

When we are supporting you on the Phone, we always try to “sort your Issue out over the phone” if at all possible”, sometimes however a technician will need to visit your site,….to troubleshoot, to repair or to swap out your equipment – If this is required - This will be at the appropriate hourly rate and vehicle costs, OR you may be covered by the lease or service contracts.

EFTPOS - Leasing  
Most (98%) of our Eftpos Leases are what we call “Full Service” Leases, what this means is that these leases are “Full Service on Site” at your premises to repair, or swap out the terminal.  This means that we cover the onsite service costs of Staff and Travel, and subsequent repair of the terminal. - So this means we cover any issues that are wear and tear, - These issues are FREE and part of your Lease. Other leases are “Courier Swap Out Leases” These are in remote areas where local on site service is not applicable.
If an issue is NOT from “Wear and Tear” or it is a Site Issue” and not the Terminal. If for example the Terminal has been dropped, had a liquid spill, been spiked by bad power or if one of your staff members has been unplugging and re-plugging in the terminal or pin pad connections (unless done under the direction of our trained staff), or alternatively, the issue is a “Site Issue” with your terminal such as a communications such as a phone line quality issue, an internet router or switch for example. - These sorts of issues are chargeable repairs as it is not the Eftpos terminal that we have leased to you that is the problem. - For these sorts of and repairs, - I will still come On Site as soon as we can get your Site operational again, as per our Service and Support ON SITE Guarantee Times,, this maybe after trying to sort any issue over the phone first as Covered above under the section - Service & Support – Remote & Phone Support.
The best way to explain this is, to use a Rental Car Hire as an Analogy….  If you hire a rental car, and the tires and engine wear, this is a cost to the rental car company, But if you drove into a rock or into a river (similar to dropping an Eftpos Terminal or a liquid spill) then these are chargeable just as they are with a Rental Car Company. The terminal just like the rental car, needs to be returned in working condition, subject to normal use after the lease or rental is finished.

Compliance Guarantee. - If you lease an Eftpos Terminal from Kiwi Eftpos Ltd, we guarantee that we will keep the Eftpos Terminal compliant with the Paymark Eftpos Networks standards for compliance. 

Changes to your Site and Terminal - If you want changes to your terminal or communications, this would be a chargeable job.

Eftpos - Buying
Eftpos Terminals come with a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty, These are based on a “Return to Base” Warranty basis, and any “On Site” call service calls are not included and would be chargeable as would loan terminals.   If a required “Software Upgrade” is required by Bank or Eftpos Network, these are chargeable as is Loaned equipment while yours is brought back or sent away for service/Upgrade.  Service and support times are the same as above under “Eftpos Leasing” but would just be chargeable.

Warranty Terms and Conditions
Warranties – For all Products – Unless Specified
All equipment sold new by Kiwi Eftpos Ltd carries the Manufacturer's Full Warranty covering parts and labour. Warranties vary in terms of length but are a normally a minimum of 12 months. - The relevant warranty term is shown on the invoice.   
A small minority of equipment have extended warranties of up to 24 months available, making a total of 36 months available.  Extended warranties are not available on Eftpos Terminals, nor on second hand and or reconditioned equipment.

  1. Most Manufacturers Warranties are on a “Return-to-Base” basis at our offices.   This means that they do not cover the cost of any travel for our service staff. There are no exceptions to this. Where equipment is returned to us by a courier or other freight company, you are responsible for the cost of returning it to us and for the cost of any damage which occurs in transit to us, whether caused by poor packaging or other factors.
  2. Warranties do not cover damage caused through no fault of the manufacturer. This includes (but is not limited to): impact damage, liquid damage, insect or rodent damage, damage caused by power cuts or spikes, lightning strike, theft, customer or operator abuse, or operator error.
  3. Warranties only apply to equipment that has been paid in full in accordance with Kiwi Eftpos listed payment terms.
  4. Where an extended warranty has been purchased, the extension is on the terms and conditions listed above. Extended warranties do not apply unless they have been paid for in full in accordance with Kiwi Eftpos listed payment terms.
  5. We will provide you with Loan equipment while your equipment is being repaired or under warranty. If you are unable to come to our showroom, we will courier the loan equipment to you at our cost provided you pay for the cost of returning it to us. Or you can opt to pay for a Service Technician to come to your site to swap the equipment. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of any damage to loan equipment.

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